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If you always do what you always did, then you'll always get what you always got

Frederick Deming

How prepared are you for implementing the 2010 ADA regulations?

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Let us help you cut through the red tape of the ADA.

W. C. Duke Associates has gained national recognition because our programs and consulting services are an innovative and affordable way to strengthen sales and service while providing a powerful risk management tool concerning potential ADA complaints. We help our clients go beyond physical access issues, because the ADA isn't just architectural concerns. It is a civil rights law that mandates companies “modify their policies, practices and procedures to avoid discrimination.” In other words— “Attitudinal Access. So ADA can also mean Attitude Determines Accessibility.

How do you think you measure up in the Attitude Department? Take our quiz and see how you do.

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Accessibility is not the same as hospitality. So often people with disabilities are treated as a problem to be dealt with rather than a valued customer.

Cyndi Jones, Executive Director Center for an Accessible Society

Sometimes people's attitudes can be the biggest handicaps persons with disabilities have to face.

Not only does W. C. Duke Associates ensure our clients comply with the customer service requirements of the ADA by being "disability friendly", but we also assist them in meeting the human resources requirements of this law. By using our expertise, you can access a powerful, but overlooked, consumer market who makes the ADA mean Additional Dollars Available.

Did you know the market of persons with disabilities is the largest customer base in the nation?

W. C. Duke delivers creative and customized ADA solutions.

We can develop training programs in a broad range of disability initiatives for you to...

  • Increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty for your company.

  • Optimize each customer relationship.

  • Make profitable connections for your company.

  • Select and hire associates with disabilities.

  • Increase comfort levels with co-workers having disabilities.

So what does ADA mean to you?

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Another Darned Aggravation?

Attorneys Dreams Answered?

Additional Dollars Added to my business costs?

If these are your answers then you need our services for making ADA into a positive rather than a negative for your business.