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If you and your employees don't know the correct responses to ALL of these questions, then your business is not ADA compliant.

Your personnel are not meeting the ADA's requirement to "modify policies, practices, and procedures." You need Opening Doors® for your key to ADA compliance.

How Do You Measure Up?


How would you and your employees answer these five questions in disability etiquette?


  • A customer with a dog enters your facility. The customer says it is an assistance animal. Can your employees ask for any certification that this is an assistance animal?

  • If you could not understand what a job applicant with a speech impairment is saying,what steps can you take to facilitate communication?

  • How do you modify your procedures for customers using wheelchairs if they encounter any barrier such as a counter?

  • What special devices does your business have for communicating with customers having hearing impairments? Do your employees know how to use these devices?Do they know how to accept a call from the state telecommunications relay center?

  • What are the correct procedures for handling money, giving change, or processing credit cards for customers who are blind?


You may download this quiz in a PDF format to give to your employees.

* Etiquette Quotient


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